“Venø Kro” is the local restaurant on the island and the menu offers both international courses as well as local specialties such as eel and “Venø Bøf” (thin slices of beef). If you are looking for light refreshments try “Venø Café” by the harbor. The building is also the administrative harbor office and the place to buy groceries. 

Local foods
To the very north of the island, you will find the farm “Nørskov” which is known for its potato production. As of 2003 the farm breeds sheep. Venø Potatos & Lamb distributes its products to local restau-rants and shops and the great taste of Venø is popular in this part of the country. 

The southern part of the island hosts another farm – a fish and shellfish farm. One of their specialties is the “Veno Oyster”. Another aim of the initiative is to repopulate the fjord with certain types of flatfish made possible by the fish cultivation facilities.