About Venø

This is really a small island. Only 7,5 kilometres long, and 1,5 where it is widest.  Even the church is small – the smallest in Denmark, not even 10 metres long and without a church tower. Therefore it is a tourist attraction all year, and especially so at the sunset concerts in July. Another art experience would be to visit the local Venø Gallery, a working gallery with paintings and graphic works.

Venø appeals to outdoor activities: lovely walks and bike tours, or a guided tour on the local bus. For many children from the mainland the two scout camps and the summer experiences there will be remembered with joy. The beaches of the island are wonderful for kids with fish nets, buckets and crab catching lines.

To the very north the inlet, Nørskov Vig, secures the quietness for a number of avocets and terns in the breeding season, and provides a fine lay-by for goldeneyes and the duck species Mergus merganser. Along the coast one may catch sight of seals.